Wood Rainbow Unicorn Tutorial

Rainbows and Unicorns? Yes please! Check out this fun wood decor project perfect for any shelf. You'll only need a few supplies, and our video tutorial is packed with tips and ideas for crafting with wood + buttons!

TIP: Want to create a rainbow covered project, but worried it would take too many buttons? One great cost-effective option is to first paint your wooden shape/object, then cover in buttons. You’ll want to use a similar but slightly lighter color, then enjoy! 

What You'll Need: 

Micro Rounds Ocean
Mirco Hearts Rose
Unicorn Singles
Mini Mulit-Color Pastel Button Bundle
Wooden rainbow base from The Wood Connection
Acrylic paint
Liquid adhesive
Foam paint brushes

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Thank you for crafting with us! Join us next time for more Dress It Up fun.

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