Rainbow Pony Wood Decor

When it comes to using up leftover buttons, and repurposing an old jar how can you do so easily, while bringing everything together in one cohesive look? While there are many styles and adhesives you can use, today May Flaum will be showing us how she used UV Resin and a bit of gold spray paint to create a truly unique vase that she can gift to loved ones or display in her own home.

Note that it is advised to test compatibility of materials before you begin. Working with a clay pot? Consider liquid adhesive mixed with paste or paint to create an embedded look! Want more ideas? Stay tuned we'll be sharing more tutorials soon!

What You'll Need:

Dress It Up Button Pack in Pony Parade
Other supplies: Acrylic paint, paint brush, wood base, glitter, and glue
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Thank you for crafting with us! Join us next time for more Dress It Up fun.Your Friends At Dress It Up Buttons

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